Software (mostly obsolete) developed by itman Software Solution.

ISO2 code string generator for Zen Cart

Screenshot of ISO2 code string generator for Zen Cart Download now

I hacked together the basis of this little utility for my own use. Then I thought, Hey! someone else out there in the Zen Cart community might find this useful. (My chance to give a little something back.) So I added a neater GUI, and tidied up the code a bit........

And here it is.
Its the sort of thing you'll probably only use once but, if you find it useful, email me and let me know.


ByteViewer in Matrix Mode

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I wrote this in response to a posting on the PC Plus forum.
You can open any file and view all the bytes either in hex or binary. Why you would want to do this I can't imagine, but the full screen "matrix mode" scrolling display can be quite hypnotic.


Incremental page numbering utility

Incremental page numbering utility

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This little program was written specifically to incrementally number preprinted purchase orders using a dot matrix printer and multlayer forms.(It also works with ink-jets and lasers)
Sometime later I added code to add dates to photocopied loose-leaf diary style pages.
You can specify any prefix / suffix combination with a selection of predefined separators and set the position of the text on the page using "real world" measurements.

If you find it useful let me know.

I am considering adding several features

  • Ability to save layouts.
  • Printing more than one field per page for numbering tickets.
  • Inclusion of images for logos etc.
  • Print preview

Any suggestions for useful features will be most welcome

Strip Jack Naked - card game

Strip Jack Naked screenshot

The most mindless, pointless, annoying card game I've ever had the misfortune to come across....... apart from Snap!

I wrote this as an experiment in card game programming. So I used the simplest card game I knew. It has very few rules and requires no strategy or decision making. Ideal for programming but not too interesting to play.

Play is very simple.

  • Each player is dealt half the pack.
  • The object of the game is to strip your opponent of all the cards in their hand.
  • Players take turns to lay a card into the "pot" until one player lays a face card.
  • The opposing player must then lay cards into the "pot" until one of the following occurs.
    a) The number of cards played is equivalent to the value of the face card or
    b) One of the cards laid is itself a face card.
  • If the player completes laying the cards without turning over a face card then their opponent picks up the pot and add it to the bottom of their hand.
  • If however one of the cards is a face card then play immediately reverts to the other player and it is their turn to lay cards up to the value of the face card or until another face card is played.
  • The game is won by the player still holding cards when their opponent is without cards in his or her hand.