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Is this the future for computer magazines?

First published March 2005

Ten years ago I broke my leg....

Bitwise Magazine - serious computing

What's that got to do with computer magazines I hear you ask
Well, up until that time I'd never touched a computer, but there was a nearly obsolete 8086 in the house. So, with time on my hands I thought I'd play around with it a bit... Got hooked, needed to learn more, and so bought my first copy of PC Plus.

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Delphi component help integration

...Without the OpenHelp Utility (oh.exe)

If you are using a Personal or Standard edition of Delphi you will find that you do not have the OpenHelp utility which simplifies the integration of third party component help files into the main Delphi help. The following details how to manually replicate the process. I'll use the JEDI VCL help as an example.

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