Is this the future for computer magazines?

First published March 2005

Ten years ago I broke my leg....

Bitwise Magazine - serious computing

What's that got to do with computer magazines I hear you ask
Well, up until that time I'd never touched a computer, but there was a nearly obsolete 8086 in the house. So, with time on my hands I thought I'd play around with it a bit... Got hooked, needed to learn more, and so bought my first copy of PC Plus.


Now my shelves groan under the weight of ten years worth of PC Plus However I haven't bought a copy since the October 2004 issue and I may never buy one again if the launch of Bitwise Magazine is a success.

So why am I plugging an on-line computer magazine that hasn't even been launched yet? Simple Huw Collingbourne the editor, is the man almost solely responsible for the existence of itman Software Solutions and therefore this site.
Before reading his "Introducing Delphi" series in 1996 I had no programming experience, but his easy to read style made grasping the basics of Delphi1 seem manageable and his obvious enthusiasm was catching.

Huw is a writer who understands computing, not a computer guru who "writes a bit", this is why I am impatiently awaiting Bitwise's June launch date. I think the "editorial and contractual differences" which resulted in Huw's departure from PC Plus and the reasons I and many other former regular readers no longer stump up £6.49 a month are closely related. So I look forward to June with the expectation that I may once again actually enjoy reading about computing.