Here are the facts...

  • DODMO.NET (originally itman Software Solutions) is a one man business based in Aberdeen, Scotland and run by Mr George Morrison.
  • I set up in business and created my first web site in the year 2000 when I chose to give up full-time work to help look after my young family.
  • Originally I intended selling my own software through this site. However,  the vast array of high quality open source software becoming available made this uneconomic. So I found myself a niche providing general IT support for a small group of customers, troubleshooting hardware and software problems and advising on the selection, configuration and customisation of the cheapest and best software for their business or personal needs.
  • I also provide a webmastering service for people who require a web presence but lack either the time, inclination or technical know-how to manage it on a day to day basis. For a managable monthly or annual payment my clients get all the benefits of web site without any of the hassle.