PS3 - Linking a music playlist to a photo gallery playlist - Configuring the Music Playlist

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Step8 - Click the Music note button button again.


Step9 - Click the Play Mode button.

This should make two modes available: "Shuffle" and "Repeat".


Step10 - Select Repeat mode and scroll through the options (horizontal scroll).

The options are "Folder", "Track" and "None".
If you want to play through the playlist once select "None", if you want it to loop select "Folder".


Step11 - scroll to Shuffle mode and select on or off

With shuffle mode off the tracks of the playlist will play in order, starting from the track selected in step 7.
if shuffle is on, play will still start with your "opening track" but then tracks will play in random order.


Step12 - Click the "X" button on your controller to save your selections and close the Play Mode dialog then close the Edit Sub-menu with the close button.
You're Slideshow should now run with your chosen music playlist.

if you've already had a go at this, you probably got as far as step 7. After that the procedure becomes somewhat counter-intuitive. The default option for "Repeat" is "Track" and, if you don't change it, the same track will just play over and over. This makes you think you haven't linked the playlist to the slideshow.